ISPO AWARD NOMINEE 2023 !  ISPO – world’s largest sports trade show!

About Eoswiss Engineering

Patented technology

Sport Technology

We have developed our pressure sensor system for several sport  applications.

We present here two prominent new applications in golf and tennis.

Our product is fully developed by ourselves : Sensor structure, sensor electronics, transmission electronics, grip integration, display and analytical software and (because we could’nt stop anymore) a hi-end artificial intelligence analysis for every possible grip pattern.

Consequently we are able to customize our system(s) for specific applications and link and connect them to other platforms as well.
golf hand grip pressure measurement

Our Approach

We are a technology development company. Our products are developed with the final user in mind and – with a myriad of usability tests.
Our products are not short term use items. They are made to last a long time. We provide service, updates of software, tests and product improvements.
We specifically encourage our clients to communicate to us. Tell us what you think could be better solved! We are producer and developer of our products and therefore can adapt and improve. And we want to provide the best product!